About NO:ME

NO:ME Psychometrics & Consulting was founded on the 10th of January 2013 by its founding members Karina Olivier and Jean van Vuuren. Initially, our main service started with RPL for Access with two colleges.

The products and services that are available today came from us reacting to the identified needs within the markets. These products and services grew into the four main areas in which we currently work: (NGO’s; Organisational People development, training and coaching; Metrics, Research and Development and Education). Our name further suggests the foundation of our services, namely working through psychometric applications.

Know the founding members

Both the founding members of NO:ME have worked in various Higher Education Institutions, Research and Development Consultancies, Corporate environments, as well as in Traffic psychology. We are therefore able to work and consult within various areas of psychology and education. Combined, we offer more than seventeen years of experience within the mentioned areas of work. Our personalised approach is designed to provide solutions on a platform that are easy to understand and applicable to the client’s needs.


The psychometric tools that we use are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), unless other assessment methods are requested by our clients. We take care to ensure that the tools we use, meet basic scientific and psychometric principles that can be applied fairly and in a non-biased manner. This, we strictly adhere to as outlined in the Employment Equity Amendment Act No.47 of 2013, which was amended 14 January 2014. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will not apply untried and untested assessments in any regard.

NGO: Rehabilitation and Access testing

Organisational, Personal Development, Training

Metrics: Psychometric Assessments, Research and Development

Educational: Career-, Subject choice and RPL for Access Assessments

Reporting and Feedback

NO:ME aims to keep it simple. We attempt to simplify the decision-making process by giving you ample guidance and information to make the process effective. We additionally refrain from using overcomplicated jargon that may lead to confusion. This can be applied in all the spheres we are working in. Through our reports and feedback services, we try to empower both the referring client and the person(s) undergoing the assessments respectively. All the assessments and feedback sessions are administered by a registered Psychometrist and/or Intern Psychologist.

Education Assessments

Apart from Career assessments and Subject Choice assessments, we are passionate in aiding individuals in gaining access into Higher Education institutions without them having met the minimum requirements for access. This is further applicable for any training program that is registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Through applying the appropriate use of the ‘RPL for Access’ process as promulgated by SAQA in 2013, this becomes a possibility. If you are working within businesses where training and development are of importance, or involved in higher education and in search of solutions to open up education opportunities to those who otherwise would not have the chance for entry, please contact us for a consultation.

Research and Development

NO:ME has reached into the area of skills assessment development in which we currently develop and assess different learning material according to the outcomes-based needs of our clients. Together with the above, we further provide statistics to determine the relevance of the gathered information, and to help us as well as our clients make the necessary adjustments within their training programme. Personalised screening assessments which are programme based tests as well as auto-norming and reporting test systems have further been received well by some of our clients.