Welcome to the online RPL for Access Management System

A current reality in South Africa is that we have roughly 7 million people who do not have a matric certificate and who are excluded from the higher education system. This consequently has a negative impact on skills delivery, employability and in the bigger scheme of things, job creation. We have developed on a process in consultation with South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and industry leaders that have enabled us to offer a Recognition of Prior Learning for Access (RPLA) process to various private education institutions.

What is the RPL for Access process?

This process has been specifically designed for those individuals who have not been able to meet the minimum requirements for access into higher education. That can be for example, not having a matric certificate, not meeting general minimum access requirements, or missing the endorsement level set out by the educational institution.

This RPL for Access management system developed by NO:ME Psychometrics and Consulting will enable you with another opportunity to gain access into the qualification that you desire at one of the below higher learning institutions. Due to the complexity of the education system, it will however require some time and input on your part, in order to make sure that you will fully benefit from the whole process. If the institution that you seek is not listed below, it means that they are currently not applying this solution but possibly have alternative means available for you. Please contact them directly with regards to their RPL for Access option.

When will this process apply?

This option for alternative access only applies to you if:

You have access to the following:

If you do not meet these above minimum requirements, please note that this means that this process is not applicable to you. We urge you in this case to contact your educational institution for additional options that may be available to you.

Please ensure that the course that you are applying for suits your career interests and needs. It is further of very important that you fully understand what the course content demands, and that once completing the course, it will enable you to access the career opportunities that you seek. If you are still unsure about your course choice, or which jobs it may give you access to, we recommend that you visit the educational institution’s student advisor for more advice and help – before attempting this process. Make sure that there is a conversation around what you want out of your career and whether the course will address your expectations.

What does the overall process entail?


Step 1: Register online


Step 2: Agree to the T’s and C’s


Step 3: Make online payment


Step 4: Log-in and start your online application which will consist of:

  • Biographical section (ID and Formal qualification uploads)
  • Study Readiness Questionnaire (SRQ)
  • Competency Assessment Measure (CAM)
  • Evidence Uploads
  • Motivation letter upload
  • Self-rating section
  • Contactable reference details
  • Submit application for review


Step 5: College to approve your online application


Step 6: Contact the college to book your final assessments at the college


Step 7: Complete the assessments and interview process at the college

  • English Competence Assessment
  • Mathematical Competence Assessment (if required)
  • Problem Solving Assessment
  • Competency Based Interview with an Academic staff member(s)


Step 8: Receive feedback from college on final results

Apply for RPL for Access at the following college

Click on the college logo that you want to apply for RPL for Access for. If you are still unsure if this applies to you, contact the college for more detailed information and a consultation with a student advisor: