NGO: Rehabilitation and Access testing:

We have created a market within NGO’s with regards to access testing and statistical analysis required for the verification of success rates and impacts achieved within their various services.

We are further assisting an NGO who is working within the South African Correctional Services, in limiting the re-offender rate within. This we do through assessing the offenders on their rehabilitation probability once they have completed the personal growth and rehabilitation course. The report generated aids the parole boards and the national parole boards in making decisions on release with greater confidence and this further verifies the NGO’s impact rate statistically.

Furthermore, we assist other NGO’s who are predominantly working within townships and other marginalised areas with their assessment, selection and development of candidates for personal development courses as well as job placements.


Personal Development, Coaching and Training:

Organisational and personal development sits at the centre of our services in that many projects evolve around personal mastery and development. This can be achieved through executive coaching, development assessments and group/team coaching and training sessions respectively.


Metrics: Psychometric Assessments, Research and Development

Our core function is psychometric and skills assessments for various sectors. We generally make use of HPCSA registered and listed psychometric tests. However, on occasion we are also involved in the research and development of customised assessment instruments and methods for our clients.

For our corporate clients, we perform assessment services with the aim of selection, development and skills audits. Additional services which can be rendered are job and role profiling as well as process alignment services which we offer through our affiliate network.

Some clients also make use of us to develop reporting platforms for projects which are small enough not to justify permanent web-based developed reporting systems, but which are too big to hand-write reports for their projects. We develop these platforms in collaboration with our clients. Our clients are both from Southern African countries as well as Europe.


Educational: Career-, Subject choice and RPL for Access Assessments

Career and subject choice assessments aid our clients in making appropriate decisions about their impending career.

For those students who have narrowly missed the access requirements for some private educational institutions, an RPL for Access process may prove as an alternative entry solution here. This legal process allows us to measure whether or not the candidate should cope with further studies in spite of a matric certificate

Work Process

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